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An Irish Medley Paperback

An Irish Medley

Memories of home and abroad

Published by: MaddingCrowd Publishing

ISBN: 9781921158049 


From a childhood spent in rural Ireland in the 1940s and 50s to far-reaching places abroad, Patrick O' Sullivan recreates in An Irish Medley an endless variety of heartwarming situations as he steps gently through a kaleidoscope of memories.

Coupled with a storytelling technique that blends gentle wit with compassion, O'Sullivan brings to life colourful characters like Jack Matt, the roguish drifter; Dan Kiely, the patriotic pensioner; Lizzy and Jack Kearney, the eccentric couple; as well as the event-filled days of a bustling farming family.

An Irish Medley is a book to delight the hearts of young and old alike. 


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