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Barack Obama - The Road From Moneygall Paperback

Barack Obama - The Road From Moneygall

Stephen MacDonogh

ISBN 9780863224133

Brandon Books


The Irish roots of President Obama reveal the hidden history of the Protestant Irish who opened up the frontier west of the Appalachians, and tells the story of the Kearneys who moved out from Maryland in 1801 to be amongst the first settlers in Ohio, later acquiring lands of the Miami in Indiana, settling in Kansas, and participating in the great land rush of Oklahoma. 

"Our family's story is one that spans milesand generations; races and realities," Barack Obama has said. "It's a varied and unlikely journey, but one that's held together by the same simple dream. And that is why it's American"

And it is an Irish story, too. Joseph Kearney, Obama’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, was born in Moneygall, County Offaly, Ireland in about 1794, lived through the apocalyptic famine years, and left a devastated country for America in 1849, where he joined his uncle in Ohio. Here we learn for the first time the story of the Kearney family, of the Ireland they came from and the state of their home village in the dreadful famine years. 

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