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Battle for the Burren  Paperback

Battle for the Burren

Ré Ó Laighléis

ISBN  9780955407918

Móinín 2007 

An epic tale of passion, fear and darkness, set against the Great Battle of the O'Briens.

It is 1317 AD, some 1,500 years since the visionary Sobhartan fought her epic battle against Evil on the shores of Loughrask. Though long since dead, her spirit is embodied in the old blind monk, Benignus, who, like her, has been both blessed and cursed with the gift of vision. He is an elder of the community of Cistercians who occupy the monastery at Corcomroe on the Burren's beautiful, yet unforgiving foothills. Set against the great wars of the divided factions of the Clan O'Brien, the power of Evil has found a willing home in the heart and soul of the dark and sinister Feardorcha, a lieutenant in the forces of Prince Donough O'Brien.
The opposing forces of Donough and his cousin, Dermot, are making for the holy place at Corcomroe, where, once and for all, the bloodiest of battles will be fought to determine supremacy within the Clan O'Brien. And bloody it will be, and such will be the ensuing slaughter that devastation of its kind will be unprecedented.
This is the backdrop against which young Iarla O'Brien, son of Dermot, conducts his secretive and passion-filled relationship with Sorcha, daughter of Mahon, one of Prince Donough's most ardent and loyal supporters.
Though fired with love and hope for a future together, the young lovers are all too aware of the divisions between their families and of the dangers that lie ahead.
Their fates are outside of them and will ultimately be determined by the powers of Good and Evil.
An epic tale of love, of fear and darkness.

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