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Old Killarney Paperback

Old Killarney

Hugh Oram

ISBN 1840333405

Stenlake Publishing

For 150 years Killarney has been the tourism capital of Ireland. The community has existed since the 1600s, but it wasn't until Queen Victoria visited in the 1860s that it secured itself firmly on the country's map of visitor attractions. This new history of the town contains 54 photographs, taken between the late nineteenth century and 1950, accompanied by captions by the respected historian and author, Hugh Oram. The books details the development of the local tourist trade, featuring photographs of many of the town's hotels and its attractions, including Kate Kearney's Cottage, Toothache Bridge and Dinis Island. There are also pictures of the now much-changed Old Market Lane and other Killarney streets, as well as rare views of the various town fairs and markets.

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