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J.M. Synge’s Aran Islands and Connemara Paperback

J.M. Synge's Aran Islands and Connemara

J. M. Synge

ISBN: 9781856355995

Mercier Press

A classic of Irish travel writing in a beautiful new edition.

Synge's travels in the Aran Islands and Connemara provides the inspiration for many of his plays. The reader's interest is sustained throughout this fascinating book as J.M. Synge shows us that ‘one has to go a little way only to reach people and places that are typical of Connemara' and the Aran Islands. He paints a very moving picture of the reality of life in the west of Ireland. He admires the simplicity of the people's character, their skill in many and varied crafts and their readiness to face risks and danger without any show of bravado. We hear the call of the wild and our professors are the fishermen, mountainy men and the people of the bogs. Synge's sympathy and delight with whatever was traditional enriches every page of this book. As we visit the Aran Islands, Spiddal, Carraroe, Ballina, Belmullet and the inner lands of Mayo we frequently hear beautiful and striking phrases as we meet fiery peasants in their cottages.

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