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The Aran Islands - Another World Hardback

The Aran Islands - Another World

Bill Doyle

ISBN 1901866157

The Lilliput Press

This portfolio of 160 stunning photographs, drawn from the Aran Islands since the early 1960s, chronicles and records the daily life of the islanders: their seasons, harvests and festivities; their schooling, religion and politics; their fishing, folkways and pastimes. Photographic sequences depict events in the Aran year - St Bridget's Eve (1 February) and St John's Eve (11 June), the blessing of the currachs, the cead (a form of hurling) - and portraits of the Aran poets (Ó Direáin, Ó hEithir, O'Flaherty), Sean Keating the painter, and the coffin-makers of Inis Meáin.

These timeless, crystalline images by a master-photographer reconstitute and preserve a unique, largely vanished way of life in the most majestic of settings on Ireland's western seaboard. An introductory essay, 'The Light before the Object: Bill Doyle, Photographer', by broadcaster and documentary film-maker MuirÃ-s Mac Conghail, accompanies the photographs.

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