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Nature Guide to the Aran Islands Paperback

Nature Guide to the Aran Islands

Con O'Rourke

ISBN 1 84351 078 2

The Lilliput Press

This consummate description of the wildlife of the Aran Islands - its flora, fauna, geology and climate - is by an expert intimately familiar with the landscape. The outcome of lifelong study and observation, it condenses key facts from the writings on Aran, illustrates them copiously with colour photographs, and fuses the whole into a concise source for exploring the diverse ecosystem of the islands.

The Nature Guide to the Aran Islands throws open a window onto one of western Europe's environmental treasure-troves, and is an invaluable and enduring work of reference.

Con O'Rourke, a graduate of University College Dublin, has been President of the Institute of Biology Ireland and Chairman of the Science Committee of the Royal Dublin Society, while serving on several committees of the Royal Irish Academy. In addition he organizes natural history courses as Gaeilge for trainee teachers, students and tourists in the Aran Islands.

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