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Early Christian Inscriptions of Munster: A Corpus of the Inscribed Stones Hardback

Early Christian Inscriptions of Munster: A Corpus of the Inscribed Stones

Elizabeth Okasha and Katherine Forsyth

ISBN 9781859181706

Cork University Press

The Corpus is a valuable source of evidence for the history and culture of early Christian Ireland, cataloguing the inscribed stones of Munster (counties Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford).The stones described here date from the sixth to the twelfth centuries and are those that contain inscribed texts. The stone monuments are of various types, ranging from simple grave-markers to elaborate crosses. Some are from places where only one such stone has been found; others come from sites which contain a large number of inscribed stones. The inscribed texts on the stones, although often short, provide early examples of Irish and Hiberno-Latin writing, which are linguistically and epigraphically important.In the catalogue entries, factual information is given for each stone's current location, itshistory and a reading of its text and includes a comprehensive list of published references to the stone.

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