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We don't want to scare you, but we might. There is nothing more compelling than the human voice, especially with stories of ancient origin or about ghosts. They are even better if you are sitting at a fire on a dark winter's night, but with free stories over the Internet, you can build your own fire and choose your own dark night and location. With today's technology, you can download to your phone and listen at a campfire on the prairie, on a ship at sea or on a lonely farm. is adding free audio stories to its website. These stories have a local influence and tell stories of folklore and times gone by.  There are currently 3 stories available on the website – one in English, one in Irish and one bilingual and the stories range from fables to humour.  These stories offer an insight into rural Irish life and are told by locals who have grown up with these stories.  "The road downhill", told by Seán Fahy, tells the story of two brothers in rural Ireland who have to learn how to manage the farm they inherited from their father after his passing.  "Micheál Mór", a bilinugal tale, tells the humorous story of an innocent country man in the west pursued by a woman from the city.  "An bhean ghorm", told by Tom Fitzgerald, is a ghost story from the Dingle peninsula. owner, Tom Fitzgerald, views these stories as a way to share storytelling skills with the wider public. “These stories are important in preserving and enriching Irish folklore.  Anyone with an Irish interest will be able to experience these stories online for free and be transported to rural Ireland by listening to experienced storytellers.  In providing this service, we hope to encourage others to come forward with their stories to help preserve a record of rural Ireland for future generations all over the world.”  Tom Fitzgerald, who has recorded one of his childhood stories, believes that recording and sharing these stories makes the Irish culture more accessible to Irish diaspora around the world.

 Launched in June 2010,, an online bookshop specialising in providing local books about Ireland is currently expanding its range to include ebooks, audio stories and magazine subscriptions.  There are almost 500 products available on the site with more products being added every day. also has a partnership with Irish Roots Magazine which aims to provide useful resources in tracing your Irish ancestry.  Subscriptions, or ebook versions, can be purchased directly from  

Anyone interested in sharing their stories of Ireland with can contact with a written version of their story.

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